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    Well done girls..... We have enjoyed a super half term! Enjoy the rest and get ready for the short and intense half term!!!!
    @FHS_SW1_Sport - on Feb 12
    Quote of the day @ StDunsSport "if we're going to die, I'd rather die as a wolf than a sheep!" # sdcfootball # prideintheshirt
    @FHS_SW1_Sport - on Feb 12
    Exciting opportunity! We're recruiting for an Alumni Relations Officer. For more info and to apply go to:
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    "Make your dreams more than just visions": hugely # inspiring words from @ prendo2012 (and fun training sessions too!)

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    Reception in New York City

    4 Photos - 12/02/16

    Harry Potter Sleepover

    20 Photos - 10/02/16
    headmistress' welcome
    This is an exciting time to be growing up – exciting and challenging. There are unique opportunities for young people moving into the workplace today, but also unprecedented difficulties and demands.
    What a privilege, then, to be involved in the care and education of children, particularly of young women, at this time of seismic change in our schools and in our economy. I am delighted to lead a school which sits at the pulsing heart of the capital, which offers girls an outstanding experience of learning and culture, and which prepares them to grasp the helm of leadership, innovation and progress in our country and beyond.
    Mrs Lucy ElphinstoneHeadmistress