It has been a tasking year for Junior charity fundraising! The norm of parent breakfasts for Infants and Juniors, enterprise fairs, proposed art exhibitions and the summer BBQ were all supposed to be integral in raising funds for our International Charity, Mary’s Meals.

As many of you are aware, the charity’s vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things. The charity’s ‘school feeding programmes’ spans 19 countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean. By providing a daily meal in a place of learning, the charity meets the immediate needs of hungry children and encourage them to go to school to gain an education that can, in the future, be their ladder out of poverty.

In September, we decided to take on the colossal challenge of sponsoring an entire school in southern Malawi:

  • Bondo school is a mixed primary school in the Blantyre district in the south of Malawi.
  • It has a total enrolment of 678 children, 349 boys and 329 girls.
  • The food these children receive in Malawi is a soya and maize porridge enriched with vitamins and minerals, which is known locally as likuni phala. This is locally sourced, which is good for the local economy and for the environment, and normally cooked in enormous pans by our amazing volunteers from the local community, many of them relatives of the children being fed. While schools were closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic the porridge has been distributed in the community for the families of children enrolled in our programm