This week’s Musical Moment is from current Year 12 Music Student, Sophie!

Jungle by Tash Sultana 

Tash Sultana is a 25 year old, Australian, gender-fluid artist. Sultana is entirely self-taught and plays 12 instruments to a virtuosic level, guitar being their main instrument. The artist also has a self-trained vocal that reaches over a 7 key range. Exploring a multitude of genres, such a psychedelic rock, alternative rock, reggae rock, lo-fi and contemporary blues, Sultana has made their distinctive mark on the music industry through their energetic, some might say euphoric, style.

This single, Jungle, was what earned Sultana fame by garnering over one million views within five days. The amazing and complex use of different types of guitars as well as unique and distinctive guitar techniques are some of the reasons that this piece is so intensely dynamic. I would highly recommend that, if you enjoy this performance, you should explore Sultana’s music further and, in particular, listen to ‘Notion’ from the same album.

Click here to listen to Jungle.