Aladdin - Junior Play 2017

Junior School Drama

A particular highlight of the year for the Junior School was the musical production of 'Aladdin'.

The Year 6 girls took the main acting lead and performed with confidence, poise, humour and conviction. They were ably supported by the massed choir of girls from Years 3-5 who also took it in turns to take centre stage for several scenes. The costumes, many of which were made by the children, together with the homemade set, created a colourful and vibrant evocation of the city of Agrabah. The wonderful singing and dancing, accompanied by a professional live band, transported the audience to world of wonder, romance and magic. This project involved the whole school community and both staff and pupils had so much fun during rehearsals.

Well done to the Junior girls for producing such a joyful and professional celebration of drama, music and dance.



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