Stop Press: 'Excellent' ISI Inspection Report Just Released!

Senior School Junior School

We have been awarded the top category (Excellent) in both Pupils' Achievement and Pupils' Personal Development, as well as passing all the statutory regulations (there is no grading in this aspect).  

But more than this, we have received an unusually glowing and individualised report from the ISI inspection team, who made a point of feeding back to us what they saw as the exceptional nature of the pupils’ attitudes to learning and each other, the remarkable relationships between staff and pupils and the palpable sense of kindness, courtesy and community which pervades the School.  In particular they noted the girls’ robust attitude to risk and failure, remarking on the high levels of resilience and determination the pupils exhibited in their attitude to challenges and problems.  We were also particularly commended for our approach to mental health and wellbeing, and the inspectors commented on the girls’ own sense of safety and moral guidance.  I am hugely proud of the girls and of our superb staff – and very grateful to our parents, as ever, for their responses in the questionnaires which recorded unprecedented support for what we do. 

Lucy Elphinstone

Please click here to view the ISI Inspection Report on Educational Quality April 2017

Please click here to view the ISI's key findings

Please click here to view the ISI Inspection Report on Compliance April 2017 

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