New Exciting TIPS Days for Years 7 and 8

Senior School

We are excited to announce that from Wednesday 24th to Friday 26th May, Years 7 and 8 will be taking part in TIPS (Thinking Innovatively and Problem Solving) Days. 

This new initiative is designed to allow students to participate in activities which develop their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills. We cannot predict exactly what the world will be like when our Year 7 and Year 8 pupils reach adulthood, but TIPS skills will equip the girls with the resourcefulness, imagination and resilience to seize opportunities in the technological and creative society of the coming decades. Problem-solving, collaboration and the ability to invent, design and bring ideas to reality are therefore of vital importance for the future, as well as being highly valued by universities and employers.

TIPS will be a conference-style event over three days, during which pupils will participate in a variety of workshops. Examples of these sessions are: 

  • Creativity through English
  • Stage Combat
  • Architecture Workshops
  • A Film-Making Course
  • 'Market Traders’ (focussing on the skills used in financial markets)

and many more….. We can’t wait to get started on Wednesday – check the website for photos of our TIPS Days activities!


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