Reception's First Assembly!

Junior School

A very proud Reception class presented their first assembly on 11th May.

The girls took their parents on an adventure in the forest, as a follow on from their forest school trip earlier in the term.  All of the girls contributed to the script which they learnt and practised so well.  The girls proudly presented the term’s learning on their topic ‘Ourselves’ covering an array of maths, literacy, PSHE and expressive arts and design.  

Parents were treated to a mini West End assembly production of song, dance, visual effects and humour.  The girls performed ‘We’re Going On a Bear Hunt’ – a performance that Michael Rosen would have been proud of, as well as singing about why Little Red Riding Hood loved red, a wonderful and jazzy version of the Wolfie Blues plus a hilarious version of ‘Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud.’  This had parents in fits of laughter when the leader girl covered her face in ‘fake’ mud at the end of the song!  The grand finale was a song written with their teacher, Ms Schott about Neuroplasticity!  This was accompanied by Mr Lambert-Gorwyn, a parent, on the ukulele.  The girls proudly reflected on how they had grown as individuals since joining Reception and how they had learned to stretch their brains on a daily basis.  

So empowered were they by their assembly that they asked if they could do it again the next day!


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