Exciting Ballet News!


We have had, as ever, lots of exciting ballet news this term!

Lina Palm- Hattane (pictured) has successfully auditioned for Central School of Ballet's Associate Programme and will be starting immediately! This is wonderful news as places are few and far between and rarely given mid year! We are very proud of Lina's success which is well deserved. Lina is a dedicated dancer and goes to Central School of Ballet following in the footsteps of alumni Clara Hollants Van Loocke.

Luisa and My-Anh (below) will be attending the Royal Ballet School's Summer School at White Lodge, Richmond Park this year.

It is no wonder they are 'jumping for joy'! They were chosen from over 1000 applications from all around the world. What an adventure they will have - we are very proud of them.

Royal Academy of Dance Examinations

It's all over and sunshine even allowed the washing to be done! Fifty Three children from Year One through to UVIth delighted the examiner, Fiona Sheehan, who remarked that her two days examining had 'hardly seemed like work at all!' GOSH!

Hopefully hard work during the term and the addition of a dedicated week-end of extra practice prior to examination did the trick and will bring very well deserved results. Finger's crossed!

As ever, I am very proud of the children and grateful to the parents who gave time, attention and support to these two week-ends of ballet. Thanks also to Miss Reet who inspires everyone with her fantastic accompaniment and to Miss Harris and Mrs Wilson for their care and attention throughout. 

Valerie K Hitchen


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