Lauda Sion Classics Competition 2016

Classics Competition

audentis Fortuna iuvat! (Fortune favours the brave!) Virgil’s Aeneid X

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Classical plays and reading competitions have a long history at Francis Holland School. The competition for Latin was established in the 1930s, and the Sheila Griffiths memorial fund gave money to fund a prize for Latin verse-speaking, known as the Lauda Sion prize. On Wednesday 22nd June, in keeping with the tradition of the school, we watched girls from Years 8 and 9 perform short plays in Latin from the Cambridge Latin Course. The supportive atmosphere was one of celebration and the girls enjoyed themselves immensely. The Latin language certainly did not seem dead in SW1!

We were delighted to welcome as our adjudicator Ms Holly Edwards. Ms Edwards, a graduate of Edinburgh University, realised that Classics was her passion after a previous career in the hospitality industry. She is currently teaching at Forest School in East London.
It was very difficult to decide on the winners, as the standard was so high. 

Year 8
Winners: Tahira Fitzherbert; Lucrezia Galli; Lana Stewart; Eloise Taylor
Highly Commended: Aisling Drummond; Katie Heckles; Emma Seligman; Isabella Wharton; Allegra Frontini; Chloe Holbrook; Sofia Watson
Individual mentions: Nellie Gawne;  Ekaterina Kirpichenko; Aimee Morris; 

Year 9
Winners: Isis Ciurleo; Maria Isabella Lalatta Costerbosa; Oriella Stellakis
Highly Commended: Adelina Donaldson; Juliette Maurin; Valentina Pozzi; Alizee Zablith; 
Individual mentions: Sibylle Brochard; Matilde Monteforte
A huge thank you to Ms Lambert and Mr Kelleher for their dedication, Miss Arlington for the lovely photographs and to all students involved for their hard work and commitment. It takes real bravery to stand up in front of your peers and speak in Latin. Optime!

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