135th School Birthday


Monday 29th February marked the School’s 135th Birthday.

Once again the sun was out for this exciting day, making the daffodils adorning the girls’ hair shine even more brightly. We started with a wonderful service, led by our very own Father Kenny and the Reverend Anna Macham, rounded off by a rousing rendition of our School Anthem. After the obligatory (and delicious) birthday cake, the whole school then rushed eagerly into the playground to watch the Staff versus Student netball match, which was, as always, full of wonderful performances from staff and students alike. After a slow start, the staff emerged victorious, winning 14 – 10. No doubt the girls will come back in full force next year to challenge this victory!

The Junior School were then led to the gym for their surprise entertainment, which, to their joy and amazement, turned out to be the chance to meet and greet a whole menagerie of animals! We had guinea pigs, rabbits, mice, ducks, hedgehogs (named Mr and Mrs Tiddlewinks) and even two meerkats who very much enjoyed scampering over the girls’ legs searching for food! Also present was a snake, which initially caused slightly more concern than the fluffier visitors; but this didn’t last long, as soon the girls were queuing up to have it draped over their shoulders!

Meanwhile, the Senior girls were in the School Hall enjoying a wonderful performance from The Gentleman of the Shade, who performed everything from Britney Spears to Mark Ronson, leading to much dancing from both the students and teachers! 

Happy birthday Francis Holland! 

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