Senior Classics Trip to Rome and the Bay of Naples

Classics Trip

From Friday 12th to Tuesday 16th February, twenty-two intrepid students (Years 10-13), led by Mrs Smith, set off for a whistle-stop tour of the Classical sites of Rome and the Bay of Naples.

We marvelled at the Pantheon's domed roof; listened to a Ciceronian oration in the Roman Forum; stood in awe of the Colosseum's grandeur and mingled with philosophers in the Capitoline Museum before relaxing with some gelato by the Trevi Fountain. And that was only the first day! Other trip highlights included walking in the footsteps of the Romans at Ostia Antica (Rome's ancient port); some excellent artefact sales pitches; a hotly contested quiz night; re-enacting a gladiator duel in Pompeii's amphitheatre (in Latin);  admiring the frescoes at Oplontis and exploring the beautiful and less well-known site of Herculaneum. A huge thank you to all the girls for their curiosity, enthusiasm and good humour and a special mention to Miss Graham and Miss Arlington for accompanying the trip.

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