Sixth Form Theatre Company Evening

Drama Sixth Form

The Sixth Form Theatre production this year, which took place on Thursday 4th February, comprised a selection of scenes from a variety of plays, all under the title of You Can’t Arrest an Idea.

There were scenes taken from Eigengrau, God Bless the Child, NSFW, Mountaintop, My Boy Jack, Linda, Truly Madly Deeply and Pravda

It was a really enjoyable experience and we loved putting all of our scenes together, whilst also having the opportunity to play some contrasting characters. We wanted to challenge ourselves in creating a variety of moods throughout the performance. It was very rewarding to work towards our production and we had such a great time preparing for it. 

The evening was held in aid of a charity called Justice and Care, which rescues and supports victims of trafficking, slavery and other abuses. The charity works internationally with governments and law enforcement agencies, focusing on prevention, protection and prosecution. We thought it was important to raise awareness for such a charity, as slavery is sometimes seen as a thing of the past, yet it is still very much present in the world we live in today.  We specifically chose to help this charity as the majority of cases that the charity works with involves teenage girls. We wanted to turn our evening not only into an evening of fun and a representation of our hard work but also one that was giving back to others and making a difference. It was a great performance and the Sixth Form Theatre Company cannot wait for our next project. 


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